If you want to make a special interior design, with chairs, tables, armchairs designed and created as special models, beautiful and comfortable models, different from what you see every day or in stores and magazines, Alfast Ltd is your aleat, whose website, factory and shows you should see. That’s because Alfast Ltd has come into the market to bring the more modern, more specific and innovative models that may exist, with a quality and design competing in Italy, and across Europe. Alfast Shpk produces only export-quality goods that can be sold anywhere in Europe, but also in albania, furnishing local, restaurants, hotels and villas, both in exterior and interior environments.

This company has always been aiming to produce resistant and high quality products that are in durable to the outdoor weather and natural conditions, suitable for open spaces, gardens, balconies, open terrain unprotected from the weather (rain, snow etc).

The company has expanded producing many products to seaside hotels and restaurants including shezlong, beach umbrellas, office tables and chairs.

our story...

Alfast LTD is an company established on 04.11.2002 and registered on November 13, 2002 when this company has started to carry out its activity by producing products and services for the interior desing of restaurants, clubs, with modern models of seats, chairs, armchairs and tables.